Monday, January 2, 2012


               Here is an uncharacteristically short blog post.
               I just had to let some of the Gerlach wild horses tell their stories.  After being told by the BLM COR Melanie Mirati that their roundup was "easy as pie," and "a piece of cake," and, "They went right in" [into the trap pen], only to go and see them myself an hour later looking...well, please watch this short, informative video of what the horses have to say, and judge for yourselves.
              I had to bring this straight to you.  I am tired of the minimizing and marginalizing of these animals.
              I will probably get comments from naysayers saying to toughen up; the horses aren't made of china; the horses are fine.  My point:  this is about the horses' wellbeing, and about communication and credibility.  This was no "piece of cake."  BLM, let's develop some credibility, please.
              I could not ignore the misrepresentation, completely negating the obvious drama and major exertion these horses experienced.
              I will ask for an update on the Gerlach stallion tomorrow.  How much can I trust what I'm told?
              Getting ready for Calico roundup resuming in the morning.


  1. Continued abuse of horses and disregard for wild horse welfare by the is apparent to me that they have no intention of changing their "cowboy" way of doing things. Disgraceful. Thank you for letting the horses speak.

  2. This is yet another disturbing example of human hubris and callous cruelty. It shows what is going on graphically and is so very wrong.

  3. Thank you, Elyse. We've all learned that we can't trust anything that they say. Keep on telling it like it is.
    Something else that I just saw that I think needs to be addressed. It came in an email from the Cloud Foundation:

    BLM roundup of Cloud’s Herd
    We urge you to write, email or fax (currently broken according to Billings BLM).
    If BLM is intending to conduct a roundup and issues an Environmental Assessment, then the Faxes need to be Fixed.

  4. LYING monsters! BLM continues with their LIES about what they do to the horses and continues their BRUTALITY while also LYING that they are effecting change to better standards of welfare for these animals. I'm just SICK OF IT! Liars, liars, pants on fire!

    @BLM, as you read these comments, just remember: YOU alone, by your choices and actions, are cultivating more advocates critical of your LIES and DECEIT with your hideous actions. YOU are responsible for this mess, for exacerbating the intense public pressure that is certainly not going to disappear. Looks like YOU are too stupid to realize YOU NEED TO QUIT LYING and make some real change! The longer you continue this, the harder it will be to rectify - Americans are not stupid and after you've pounded this ugly image and reputation of yourselves into our psyche, it's going to be just about impossible to convince us of your proclamations of changes for humane treatment. My mother always said of this penchant to dig oneself in deeper: you make your bed and you will lie in it.

  5. Elyse, please know that my heart aches and tears flow for you each and every time you have to witness this.

  6. It is imperative that everyone concerned with this atrocity taking place in the west write and call their representative and senators in Washington DC with their concerns. These letters and phone calls do get attention and can make a very large impact on the future of these magnificent animals. It is our only recourse as the BLM obviously only gives lip service to the issue but has no intention of changing policy or or abiding by any portion of the Wild Horse and Burrow protection Act.

    Please write your congressmen!!! Encourage everyone to do the same!!!