Friday, January 6, 2012


        Thursday, January 5, 2012:  Sun-J and BLM reached new lows.
        Speaking of just one of the several mishandled, abusive chases of wild horses at the Paiute Meadows trap site which began today, for over an hour the horses ran, evading the trap four times with the Judas horse running in with no one following.  
        In the midst of this melee, one of the studs being chased stood apart, obviously compromised, at one point laying down, displaying signs of colic or "tying up," common parlance for the condition rhabdomyolysis, the result of massive muscle destruction, where the physical toll of great physical exertion causes the breakdown of muscle tissue that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobulin) into the bloodstream.  Myoglobin, harmful to kidneys, often causes kidney damage.  
        Despite observers' alarm and firmly asking that the BLM COR call this chase off, the chase continued uninterrupted.
        Several horses escaped the trap this day.  Here is Laura Leigh's video of this day.  This was bad.  It was very bad.  However:
         For the tenderhearted:  I rate this video a "G" for general audiences.  It is always hard to watch horses being run and run, but this contains nothing grossly violent.  The way these horses are rounded up is inherently violent, but you will be all right and can watch this, and I hope you will.
         BLM, this is an example of what Amy Lueders does not want to see.  Thank you, Amy, for your new guidelines.
calico wild horse roundup/ one stallion from Laura Leigh on Vimeo.


  1. Is there a link to the facility deaths in Fallon as the horses come in. To find out whether the horses that was caught in the trailer door and then hotshotted up and into the trailer died consequently at the facility.

  2. The horses are not going to Broken Arrow in Fallon in this present Calico roundup of 2011/2012 although they did in the previous Calico roundup of 2009/2010. In this present Calico roundup, the horses are being sent to Palomino Valley Center in Sparks, Nevada, which is a public BLM facility.

    The burros, however, will be going to Broken Arrow, and we will not be able to see them. And since they are only letting the public into Temporary Holding (where the newly captured horses and burros spend the night before being shipped to either PVC or Broken Arrow) on Saturday mornings, we will only be able to see burros caught on Friday. This is wrong. Then I won't be able to see them in Broken Arrow. The public needs to start pressing BLM to allow us into Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow's contract with BLM states that the public is allowed in once a week, yet BLM refuses to even allow that.

    Pertaining to the horses at Palomino Valley ("PVC"), we are able to go and see them during regular business hrs when PVC is open. I documented the horses there during the last week of Phase 1 of this roundup, which ended just before Christmas I am unable to get there now during this roundup, which is every day, because it is over 2 hours from Winnemucca, and I'm already driving 5 hrs daily to cover this roundup. You are welcome to go and view the horses there at PVC, and I hope more people will.

  3. you may or may not have seen all the horses at the BLM Palamino Valley corrals. We were there to see the Carter Resevoir horses and there was two I know of for sure missing and that was a Medicine Hat and her colt. There is a hole in the middle of the corrals where they were kept hid from sight of the public.

  4. Thanks for the info. I hope you can locate your Medicine Hat and her colt.