Sunday, February 21, 2010

21 FEBRUARY 2010- First Sunday tour of Fallon

The photos below were taken last Saturday on the final regular Saturday tour of Fallon.  Today I will be going out on the first Sunday tour and will be updating my blog accordingly.  Last Saturday Dean Bolstad gave us a tour of the squeeze chute and alleyways the horses will be processed through as they are freeze-branded, innoculated, and given whatever medical attention is deemed appropriate.  I will be posting more on that soon.

As you may know, it's been a busy week of travel, but I will be updating with photos soon.

Below are two buddies, young stallions looking for something to do. They were interested and intelligent and clearly had a strong bond.

                                  Photography by Elyse Gardner  2/13/10

Foaling is beginning at Fallon, and here are some new addition we saw on Saturday, 2/13.

                                Photography by Craig Downer 2/13/10

I have some concerns about Tomahawk, who had developed red, bloodshot eyes as of last week.  I will follow up with him today.  

                                  Photography by Elyse Gardner   2/13/10

The blow-up below shows only his right eye, but both eyes were quite red.

             Photography by Elyse Gardner  2/13/10

There was a tragic death at the facility as a helicopter hovered over the pens last week, causing unspeakable panic.   A healthy stallion was found dead next to a damaged corral panel as a result of a broken neck.  I cannot fathom the cruelty, or maybe ignorance, of the people involved in this terrible scenario.  

These horses have already been so traumatized by helicopters, what a monumentally terrible thing for someone to have done. This information was on BLM's "Daily Updates" from their website.  I will ask for more details today, including what steps, if any, the facility is taking for security.

To be continued...


  1. Oh my God, Elyse! Who was flying that chopper? Do you - or anyone - know? Unbelievable.

    Tomahawk's eyes look just like one of my horses did once, and my vet said it was conjunctivitis. Used Panalog and he was fine in a day or so. I hope that's all it is - irritation from the general dust or maybe dust in the hay.

  2. They pretend to worry about the safety of the horses and then pull a stunt like that... ridiculous. Poor guy.

  3. I am so appreciative of what you are doing as the humane observer.
    It just cannot be easy witnessing the atrocities and sorrows having your heart constantly breaking. Thanks for keeping us up to date and posting when you can.

    I met you and Craig at the Truth Rally in Carson and was quiet impressed that you made it after the rally in Vegas. That is not a short trip and you must have been weary. I was very pleased to see you both turn up and had looked forward to meeting you. It was a great pleasure to speak with you and Craig. I said I had been following you, but meant on Cloud Foundation word press. I will be sure to follow your blog from now on here.

    I got some nice photos of you @ the truth Rally and would like for you to have them. If you email me @
    I will replay with attachments of your portraits that look very nice. Also, you can check my uploads to my photo stream @
    My user name is.....artattackcat.

    I hope that Tomahawk will be fine as well as the others.
    Take care!

    Cat Kindsfather

  4. Please excuse the spelling error. I meant reply, not replay. Last time I tried to edit one error, I lost my whole body of commenting!

    Also I wanted to tell you that I joined "The Wild Horse Preservation League" last month and made about 20 of the new signs for the rally.
    Some that were highlighted by Channel 4 news were mine, like "Death is Not an Option" with some red splashed on it, seen in the beginning of the utube video, and the hot pink one...."Honk For Wild Horses" that is me holding my sign. So you can maybe remember meeting me from the photo.

    Take care Elyse, get some rest!